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Outsourcing FAQs

All About Outsourcing

Outsourcing has, for the longest time, been stigmatised for what it represents on the surface. For businesses, it can mean additional spending and reliance on external online marketing service providers, which may or may not perform at par with existing quality of service (QoS) standards. For communities, it may take away jobs. For nations, jobs shipped abroad can mean a loss in tax revenues and labor unrest.

But then again, these are only shallow representations of what outsourcing is really about. As the labor market goes global, there is also an expansion of viable production options, which can help improve the financial realities of individuals, businesses, and nations.

A way to look at outsourcing is that it is a way for businesses to shape up, and get lean, mean and strong enough to compete in the global market. Any improvement within businesses is felt by its employees and community. And this will have a trickle up effect in improving the nation’s economic fitness, as well.

This is true for any business. Wherever you are in the spectrum – whether you’re a startup, a struggling business or a big fish – outsourcing will always be a good alternative to consider when working towards your business’s goals.

When Should You Consider Outsourcing

*  When You Have Time-Sensitive Projects: Employee hiring and training is an investment in time and resources. This is a viable path only if you can afford to allot these and not compromise your revenue-earning projects. Some projects may be time-sensitive and crucial to your bottom line. You can still hire and train – but you also need to take care of your projects. Outsourcing is a good option for these cases.

*  When You Want to Focus on Your Core Competencies: Some businesses opt to trim down their operations all together. This means focusing on what they’re good at. For instance, a finance company may invest in hiring and training accountants and financial managers, and not marketing managers. You would still need a marketing department, of course. Oursourcing Marketing is your option in this case.

*  When You Want to Save: There are some job functions that carry with them burdensome government regulations and taxation, as well as mandated employee benefits. You can look to outsourcing when you want to escape these costs.

*  When You Are on a Strict Budget: When your business is just starting out, certain job functions still carry restrictive costs. It may be that outsourcing marketing is cheaper than hiring a full-time Marketing Manager. You don’t have to compromise your budget. Outsourcing is always a good option.

What You Should Forget About Outsourcing

There is one thing to forget about outsourcing – that is the stigma attached to it. Outsourcing will always be a good decision as long as you choose a good partner and build a strong trusting relationship with them. Being with the right outsourcing partner ensures you of a positive and profitable experience with outsourcing.